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Meshes of Time

Our first workshop/performance happened on 1st April. It was organised by The Derek Jarman Lab in collaboration with Rebecca E Marshall. The idea was that it would be a roundtable discussion, workshop and performance hosted for essay film practitioners and enthusiasts to exchange ideas about working with/against cinematic time.

During the session we introduced approaches to editing outside conventional formats and discussed how to tailor them to the participants’ own essay-film projects. The focus was on how the filmmaker’s voice could emerge through both sound and image, and could generate a sense of cinematic time.

Participants in the workshop were asked to bring up to 3 clips from their own footage (not more than 5 minutes in total duration). In the second part of the session we paper-edited those excerpts with a view to constructing a narrative about time. As we didn’t have time to watch the clips it was rather a case of blind-edit with a nod to dadaism. The workshop finished off with a VJ performance (we used GLMixer) during which we mixed the footage live with an accompanying music track from Simon Fisher Turner.

Photos by Lily Ford